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Saint-Roch Church - Église Saint-Roch

Church where Michel's funeral was performed. It's located in the north side of the parc of Tuileries - Jardin des Tuileries - in Paris.

Access:subway 1 line - Tuileries station. It takes 5 minutes from the station on foot. Rivoli Street - Rue de Rivoli - to the east. Saint-Roch Street - Rue Saint-Roch - to the north. Saint-Roch Church is located in a crossing place between Saint-Roch Street and Saint-Honore Street.

Use equipment
Compact digital camera:Richo GXR S10 24-27mm F2.5-4.4 VC Tripod:SLIK CompactⅡ

These are POISSON's comments.
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I stayed in Paris for 1 week in August, 2011. I was surprised to see the name of the church near the hotel. It's "St. rock church"! I took a picture quickly. Surprisingly, the inside was also gentle feeling by the simple atmosphere.

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