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Darn That Dream

Album Information

Album Name Darn That Dream

Performance Information

Performance Date Performance Place Performance Form Musical Instrument
1984 Marseille, France Piano trio

Player Information

Player Player's Birthday Player's Date Of Death
1 Michel Petrucciani (p) Dec. 28, 1962 Jan. 6, 1999
2 Tony Petrucciani (gt)
3 Louis Petrucciani (b)

Music Information Track: 7

Music Name Time Composer
1 Just Friends
only record version
2 You Do'nt Know What Love Is 7'43 Gene De Paul
Don Raye
3 Staite No Chaser 4'35 Thelonious Monk
4 Corcovado 5'33 Antonio Carlos Jobim
5 Summertime ago
only CD version
6'04 Sergio Mihanouch
6 Lover Man 6'08 Jimmy Davis
James Sherman
Ram Ramirez
7 Darn That Dream 9'54 Eddie De Lange
Jimmy Van Heusen

Recording Information

Recording Engineer Recording Studio

Edit Information

Date Degital Mastering EngineerDegital Mastering Studio

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Producer Label

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