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Michel Plays Petrucciani


Album Information

Album Name Michel Plays Petrucciani

Performance Information

Performance Date Performance Place Performance Form Musical Instrument
Sections 1-5:September 24 1987
Sections 6-9:December 9-10 1987

Player Information

Player Player's Birthday Player's Date Of Death
1 Michel Petrucciani (p) Dec. 28, 1962 Jan. 6, 1999
2 Sections 1-5:Gary Peacock (bs) May 12 1936
3 Sections 1-5:Roy Haynes (ds) March 13 1925 -
4 Sections 6-9:Eddie Gomez (bs) October 4 1944
5 Sections 6-9:Al Foster (ds) January 18 1943 -
6 Sections 2,7:John Abercrombie (gt) December 16 1944
7 Sections 9:Steve Thornton (per) March 8 1973

Music Information Track: 9

Music Name Time Composer
1 She Dit It Agein 4'03 Michel Petrucciani
2 Sahara 4'14 Michel Petrucciani
3 13th 4'05 Michel Petrucciani
4 Mr.K.J 4'19 Michel Petrucciani
5 One For Us 5'09 Michel Petrucciani
6 One Night At Ken And Jessica's 3'08 Michel Petrucciani
7 It's A Dance 6'16 Michel Petrucciani
8 La Champagne 6'14 Michel Petrucciani
9 Brasilian Suite 6'24 Michel Petrucciani

Recording Information

Recording Engineer Recording Studio
Ed Rak
Assistant:Troy Halderson
Mixing:Eric Kressmann
Ed Rak
Clinton Recording Studio

Edit Information

Date Degital Mastering EngineerDegital Mastering Studio
Jose Rodringuez Sterling Sound

Produce Information 1

Producer Label
Eric Kressmann
Michel Petrucciani
Blue Note

Produce Information 2

DesignerPhotographer Liner notes
Carol Friedman
Condak Design
Carol Friedman

Special Thanks

Name Comments
1 Eugenia MorrisonI dedicate this album with love to Eugenia Morrison
2 Philippe Petrucciani
Virginia O'Brian
Tania Maria
Eric Kressmann
Very special thanks to:Philippe Petrucciani Virginia O'Brian Tania Maria and Eric Kressmann

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